FAQs for Sellers

What is Cinnect?

Cinnect is an online film & tv licensing platform, where content owners can license the rights to their films to different content buyers across the world. There are many stages involved in negotiating and acquiring film rights: from structuring licensing deals to recieving payments, Cinnect allows for this to happen on one single platform to make the acquisition process simple and hassle-free.

Who is able to sign up to the platform?

Anyone who has the rights to acquire or sell film & TV content can sign up to our platform, this will typically be production companies, sales agents, distributors, OTT Platforms, TV Networks.

Can anyone register on the platform?

Yes, if you're a content buyer or seller. All registered users will be verified to ensure they are industry professionals. This will mean users of Cinnect can use the platform with confidence that they'll be doing business with other professionals.

Does Cinnect own the rights to my content if I upload it on the platform?

No, as a content owner and seller you retain full rights. Your are in control of what rights you choose to license on the platform.

We wish to license our film/TV Project in multiple territories/regions can we do that on your platform?

Yes, as a seller you're in full control of how you license your content. You can manage the entire distribution process from within the platform.

Can transactions be completed on the platform?

Yes, the platform will allow you to negotiate agreements and conclude contractual agreements on the platform. You will recieve payment from the buyer via the Cinnect platform. Our payment services are delivered by Stripe, one of the world’s most regularly used and safe payment providers.

Will Cinnect deliver my content?

Once an agreement to license your content is agreed, Cinnect provides secure digital delivery of your content, including closed captioning & transcoding.

What is the process of setting up an Account?

Visit the membership page and choose a subscription plan that is right for you. We may ask for additional information if we cannnot verify your details. Once you have been verified your log in information will be e-mailed to you.

Does the Cinnect platform have a screening room to view available titles?

Content buyers will be able to view trailers and screeners of titles available on the platform. Content sellers will have the ability to customise how their screeners are accessed to ensure security.

How do I conact a buyer on the platform?

To prevent buyers being sent unsolicited messages, initial contact is done by the buyer, then you can respond. Once you you have received communication from a buyer, you can utilise both direct messaging and our conference room to communicate with prospective buyers. Alternatively you can see what Open Calls are available and submitt your content directly to the buyer.

As a seller, what fees are there to use the platform?

Cinnect works on a variable pricing model, which depends on which Membership plan you are subscribed to. For more information visit our membership page.

I am both a buyer and a seller what should I do?

If your company both acquires content and licenses content to other parties, please have two accounts: one for the person responsible for acquiring content and another for the person who will act as the seller. If these are both the same individual, first sign up as either a buyer or seller (whichever role you predominately do) then contact us directly at membership@cinnect.net.

How is my data protected?

We adhere to all GDPR compliance measurements. User data is not sold to any third parties and we've implemented a variety of security measures to ensure you can navigate the platform safely. For more information view our privacy policy.

How do you protect any media from piracy?

In order to protect your screeners, only the account admin can grant access to a screener to specific users, only on request. There are also a number of features we implement to ensure your content is secure such as utilising encrypted data storage, watermarking and time-limted access to full length screeners. Our registration screening process also ensures only companies and individuals in good standing with the best of our knowledge will be on the platform.

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